Friday, May 23, 2008

Shots and Tubes!

So much fun over here at our house! First, Alex is getting tubes put in on Tuesday morning. That is kinda a relief because he gets so sick everytime he gets an ear infection. I hate that for him (and me cause I am the one who has to clean it up!). Hopefully that will go well. Now that school is out, I can leave the rest of the kids with Jonathan. I love having a teenager as my built in babysitter!! I don't have to line up a back up babysitter in case Bryan is working or something. Love that! Anyway, Alex will have that done at Gilbert Surgery Center by Dr. Fucci. He can't have anything to eat or drink after midnight. If anyone knows how Alex is in the morning, that's gonna be a problem! He wakes up and the first thing he does is ask for a snack. We have to convince him that it is time for breakfast, not snacks. He is a little piggy. A cute piggy, tho!

Now, the shots. Little Jenna has another ear infection herself. She has her referral to Dr. Fucci on it's way and he had said that if she is like her brother (she is), then she will need tubes also. Anyway, back to her present ear infection. Dr. Kosiroek is our pediatrician. He is such a nice doctor, but comes walking into the room like a storm exploding. He will march in and say in a loud voice, "what's going on today"? Scare the pants off me and the kids everytime! I have learned to listen for his footsteps so I am no longer jumping out of my skin everytime. (I need to remember to warn the kids that I hear him coming, tho!) He has no patience for stupid people and stupid parents. I have heard him thru the walls (the loud voice) nicely trying to tell a parent that they need to stop doing something. (There are a lot of stupid people out there!) As a result of his methods, the kids are terrified of him. I keep going back because he is good, he doesn't waste my time and he respects me and the kids. If I feel the kids need a referral or anything, he listens and believes me.

I took Jenna in on Wednesday because she couldn't sleep that night due to ear pain. He said she had another infection and went over her chart. She had a lot of ear infections, but there was a period when they stopped. I then told him that they had not stopped, but I had taken her to Grandpa and he treated her. I didn't tell him that we did that because she was scared (and I was lazy!). I had let Grandpa treat her for a few times and then realized that we had a problem and I needed to have these infections documented and so that's when I brought her back. So then he told me that Jenna has ran through all the anitbiotics she can have. There weren't any left that she hadn't tried, so he proposed a shot. Actually a series of three shots in three days. They are long and painful ones. I had previously promised her that they don't give shots for ear infections! Now I feel like a total jerk! She has had two and will get her third one today. Poor kid. She hid from me yesterday when it was time to go and I expect the same. I had to promise her a treat. She picked out the biggest cupcake I have seen from the bakery at Fry's. Thankfully it was only $2.50! If was for a graduation, but what does she know! It was cute and yummy. (It was too big for her to eat on her own!) Anyway, that is our last few days with more fun to follow!