Thursday, August 27, 2009

Who is the parent here?

Sometimes life is just rough and this afternoon we were hit with an unexpected blow. Just brought us down a little, but we will fight back and be fine. Sooner or later! Jonathan had noticed that we seemed a little more stressed than usual and said he had been feeling that we needed to pull together as a family more and have a little more faith. That we need to make sure we are having our scripture study and always fasting as a family. He said the word "faith" kept popping out to him during his own scripture study. He was so cute and sincere about it and was actually worried that he upset me with his comments. I just had to smile and ask him "Who are the parents here?" Sometimes he seems too old for his age. To share such wisdom with his parents at only 15 astounds me. Were did this wise and sweet kid come from? I am thankful to have a child who is able to humble me and help me be a better parent.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Doctor Update

I just got back and the reason I had to go in was high cholesterol, like I kinda thought. My HDL level (triglycerides) is 368 and should be under 149. It is worse that I initially thought, but it is very treatable. A diet high in good fats like fish and lean meats, low fat dairy and such will help as well as daily exercise. All of those things I have been really wanting to implement into my routine anyway. Now I have a reason to have to do it. Sometimes I really need a kick in the behind to get moving! lol

I have to get more blood drawn in 3 months to see if my efforts have paid off, so I will update then!

Small Annoyances

I am a little bit annoyed right now. Just stupid little things that get on my nerves! As you may know, I am having surgery to remove a cyst on my right foot. In order to have this surgery, my dr wanted me to get a pre-op clearance through my primary care physician. No biggie, I figured so I went and got the blood work and xrays done. My primary care dr's office called to say they needed to discuss my blook work results with me. I ask them if there is a problem and they won't say. I tell them I just need a clearance and that I really don't have the time to come in unless it's important. They still won't tell me anything. It takes so much out of my day to go the the dr's office. Usually I have to arrange a babysitter for my son and the kids I babysit and it cuts into my budgeted studying time. I also hate interruptions to my schedule because it sets my school timeline into my family time and i try to avoid that as much as possibe.

So now I get to go to the dr's office this afternoon to hear the blood work results. And it is probably all totally fine! It just irritates me how they can't or won't tell you anything over the phone and you worry for nothing!

My other annoyance is my Anatomy and Physiology class. I had a Lab quiz and a quiz on the first lesson. The lesson materials covered 3 chapters: Anatomy terminology, chemistry of life, and the cell. About 80% of the quiz covered these materials and the rest had info on genetics, characteristics of blood traits and other things. I reread the lesson and nowhere does it go into these areas! So irritating! We went over most of these things in my previous Biology class, but it has been two years since I took it! I should be pleased with the fact that I got a B on both quizes, but it just irritates me! I feel like if they are going to quiz you and tell you which areas will be covered, they should stick to those areas. Anyway, I am just annoyed today and hopefully posting this nice long rant will get it out of my system so I can go about the rest of my day and be happy! Here's to a happy day for you, too!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cause I'm A Blond...yeah, yeah, yeah!

Yes I am a blond, usually proud of it, but I have been having a lot of blond moments lately! This last one is just...duh! Seriously a "Duh!" moment! I filled out my book voucher form for Rio Salado (this will allow me to get books and they will take the cost of the books out of my financial aid when it comes in). The only problem is I put Bryan's social security number instead of mine. Duh! Of course that's not gonna work! lol I use his a lot when I am paying bills or whatever and he is usually the primary social on most of our accounts, etc. So I rarely use mine, but still, Duh!!

Oh well, it won't be a hard fix. I just have to go down and fill out a new form and show them my ID and pick up my books. What really is lame is my Biology books are about $250 and I have to find out if the study guides are worth another $50. My English book is only about $40 and then a novel I have to buy for another $20. So there goes over $300+ already. The classes themselves only cost $500 together! They really gouge us on books. Lame! But, I do love to learn. Remind me I said that in about a month when I am loaded down with homework! lol

Have a great day, everyone!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Surgery and School Frustrations!

I am so frustrated right now I could scream!! I am trying to get books for my classes and I am about to burst a vessel in my head! Bryan had to really tell me to calm down and thank goodness he did! He is probably about the only person that can get me to actually calm down! I am registered for Rio Salado and am taking 2 classes this fall. ENG 102 (the essay writing one :/) and BIO 201 (Anatomy and Physiology). I should be getting financial aid to cover the cost of school and books. The financial aid will not be awarded and dispersed until mid september and in order to help those of us who don't have the money up front to pay for the books, they issue book vouchers. These will allow me to get my books and take the money out of my financial aid award. Well, in order to get a voucher, you have to jump through 500 hoops and there is no one helpful at the school. I call and they say do it on the website and I just feel like I am getting the runaround. I try the website and I cannot log in to save my life. Even Bryan could not get it to work. By this point I have steam coming out of my ears I am so mad. Finally, I get logged in and get the form half filled out and their website gets overloaded and I get kicked off. Screw it! I will deal with it tomorrow after Alex's party. School starts next week and I really need to get those books! ARRGGHH!! Anyway, I will deal with school later because nothing I do with it seems to be working.

Now on to surgery.....My doctor informed me that the cyst I have on my foot will not get better on it's own and in fact is just getting worse. It keeps growing and has already about tripled in size in area. It will get really big until one of my kids jumps on my foot or a shoe pushes on it and pops it. It will then drain and start the process again. Gross! Since it is bigger in area, it isn't quite as high as it used to be, but that lump still looks big and gross to me. It is attached to a tendon and that sometimes causes pain and the stupid thing just has to go. I can't wear running shoes or any shoe that presses on the top of my foot because it just hurts but mostly the doctor wants the cyst as full as possible for surgery. It increases the chances of getting it all out. So I have my surgery scheduled for September 3. My doctor says I can expect to have it immobilized for 3 weeks. 3 WEEKS!!! I am going to take about a week and a half off of babysitting to recover and hopefully I can get around enough after that. I can't afford to be off any more than this. Bryan, thankfully, has paid time off so he will be with me on the Thursday the 3rd and the 4th. Then I am on my own with Alex for the next few days. It's my driving foot, so I am a little worried about getting around, but hopefully I will get by. I have to follow doc's orders or the pesky cyst can regrow and I do not want that weird thing back!

Anyways, that is what is happening here. I am going to go chill out for a while or I may just bite off one of my kids heads!! Lol

Happy Birthday, Alex!!

Happy Birthday, Alex!!
Today is Alex's 4th Birthday! He was an unexpected addition to our family but we wouldn't have it any other way! He is a bundle of fun, energy, silliness and sweetness. We love you, Alex!!
Alex had to go back to the hospital and go under the lights when he was a week old.1st birthday
2nd birthday

3rd birthday
His first "homework" from preschool. He was so excited!He is so excited to take birthday treats to his school today to share with his friends.
I hope you have a great day, little man!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Oh How Lovely Was The Morning"

The sweet sound of stringed instruments playing "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" filled my living room this morning and I couldn't help but think how lovely this morning is. Jonathan has put together another musical number for church in September and they held their first practice this morning. He is playing 2nd violin with a solo, his Grandma Hooper is playing 1st violin, Grandpa Hooper is playing the cello, his dad, Bryan, is playing the bass and Sis Hansen is accompanying them on the piano. It was so beautiful and I am so grateful for the gift of music that has been passed down from Grandma's and Grandpa's to Bryan to my children. I hope that one day my younger children can play along also. There is no better way to bring the Spirit into our home than through beautiful music!

Grandma and Jonathan


And this was a sweet moment between Grandpa and Jenna, I had to post it!

Have a wonderful day!!