Friday, January 22, 2010

So stressed!

This week, especially today, is so stressfull! I am dealing with stolen debit card numbers/unauthorized change of address and fraud, student loan and grant difficulties (the money was to be disbursed days ago and is having potentially big problems, but I hope they are minor), soo much homework, a messy house, 5 leaks in my roof and a property management company who will probably do nothing, someone wants to come and look at the house in the morning (note the messy house!), money dur for baseball signups and major payments due for NY field trips and basically running low on cash and day 3 of a bad migraine that won't go away!

Can I just curl up in my blanket and hide for a little while? Feeling sooo overwhelmed today! At least I have a new neighbor next door who is quickly becoming a great friend! She has a son who is Alex's age and they run back and forth and she likes all the other kids to come and play too, so that is soo nice. They are all over there right now so I was able to take a test on Hinduism. This religion class makes me feel so stupid! The textbook uses such big words and it is so hard to follow! Only adds to my frustrations! Arrrgghh! Anyway, back to reality which is usually pretty good, just not right now! :p

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


We went to Texas over Christmas break to visit my brother Judd's family. We tagged along with my brother Todd's family in their RV- definitely the best way to travel!! We had a nice, relaxing week in Austin. It is so beautiful there! These are all the cousins except the babies: Miley (Todd and Julie's daughter) and Coy (Judd and Heather's son).
From top left: Jonathan, Riley, Judd jr, Kaitlyn, Connor, Summer. Middle row from left: Jenna, Tyler, Lydia and Bottom row from left: Hayden, Alex and Ashton.

They love to make funny faces!
This picture is from "The Salt Lick" and may be the best BBQ ever! Sooo good! Especially loved the turkey. Mmmm.

Outside the Salt Lick

Jenna and Lydia

Riley and JonathanSummer and Kaitlyn
Connor and Judd jr
I couldn't get Alex and Todd's boys to pose for more pics, so I don't have any individuals of them! Oh well! We had a great trip and I am so excited to go back with my sisters in the spring. We are doing a long weekend at Judd's with Six Flags and I am sure another trip to the Salt Lick!!