Thursday, November 20, 2008

Twilight Movie

Okay, I know every girl is obsessed with the Twilight series and the movie opening tomorrow. I am not obsessed with the movie, I would be happy to watch it whenever, but no- my sister, JoAnn is "dragging" me to a premier party. Okay, not quite dragging, I am excited to go. I do want to see the movie, but usually movies fall WAY short in comparison to the books. The Twilight series is not the best writing I have ever read, but it is one of the most engrossing series I have had the pleasure of reading. Not since Harry Potter (yes- I said Harry Potter) have I been more interested in the next book of a series. I still wish JK Rowling would write more, but she has exhausted herself of the Harry thing. I understand, but it still dissapoints me. When I love a series, it sucks to have it end. I was frustrated to learn that Stephenie Meyer was working on another book in the Twilight series when someone leaked the manuscript on the internet and she has since shelved the whole book. Bugged me so bad cause now I will probably never read that installment. Oh well. Back to the premiere party- I hope it will be fun. My sister's friend rented out a theater and sold tickets to her friends at a slightly higher rate and is using the extra money to buy prizes and stuff. I hope I get a good seat and that I don't have to listen to a bunch of people quoting or squealing or any other teenager like stuff. I hate that! I just want to watch and enjoy without anyone elses opinions or thoughts thrown out there! All right, now I sound like a serious complainer! Oh well, maybe I do that to hide the fact that I am not entirely comfortable surrounded by women that are probably so much better off in life than I am. Maybe I am sabotaging my evening before it even starts! Oh well, here I go trying to adjust my attitude. It will be fun! I probably won't win a darn thing, but I will be going out to dinner and to see a great movie with my sister, who is one of my favorite people, so I will not be a whiner or insecure pain! Lol! If I win I will post!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween, Heber and My Teenager Still Likes Me!!!

First off, these pictures are soooo late because I got so sick on our trip to Heber. I came down with Strep on Sunday afternoon and it hit me so fast I never saw it coming. I didn't figure it was strep until Monday night, so I had infected so many people! (My apologies everyone!) It was a horrible illness and I am so glad to be rid of it!! When I finally started to get better, I came down with another cluster migraine on Wednesday. I am still working on getting rid of it. I hate these stinking migraines. They keep trying to take over my life! I went to the Dr on Friday to see if they could do anything about them. I am getting so many that my insurance doesn't cover enough migraine medication to get me through the month. I now have a referral to a neurologist to figure out if things are ok and then hopefully put me on a medication to control them instead of just treating them. Yeah!! Relief may be in my future!! Oh yeah, I also have a referral for a dermatologist to check out the really suspicious spots in the middle of my forehead. I look like I have a killer pimple or something. That doesn't look good and all the makeup in the world doesn't seem to hide it! Oh well, we will see what that is all about in a little while!

Anyway, here are pics of Jenna's school costume parade. If you look 3 kids back, you can see my nephew Tyler (Todd's son) behind Jenna. He is the green skeleton.

Alex, Jacob and Luke all had front row seats! We didn't even have to get them out of the car!

Jonathan and his friends- Kimberly in black and Lexie in the white. Cute girls!

Alex, Connor, Jolie, Jenna and Kaitlyn

Photos from Heber

Believe it or not, I had just combed his hair!!



Seriously, Mom!?!?!

Fine, One good Picture but that's it!

And Finally, My Favorite! Here's Proof that my teenager still likes me!

More proof: Jonathan wanted me to take him to the mall on Friday and I asked him if he wanted me to take him and his friends and just drop them off or if he would rather just him and I go. To my great surprise, he wanted to go with just me. He would have liked to had his dad come along, but he had to work. So we dropped off the rest of the kids with Aunt Leslie and Grandpa (Thanks, guys!) and we went shopping. He needed a new sweatshirt and we found a really cool one at Tilly's (so glad he has his own money!) and then we grabbed a bite to eat in the food court. While we were eating, he was telling me that at school he was excited to go shopping and told his friends he was happy to go to the mall with me. They were a bit surprised and asked him why he "wanted" to go with his mother. He said, "I like my mom, she is cool." His friend told him he hated his mom. Now, I tell him that is sad that his friend doesn't like his mother, but inside I am like, "Oh yeah! Woo hoo! My son still likes to hang out with me! I am cool!" Didn't realize I was cool, but I will take it! We had a great time and I am so glad we were able to go.
That is one of the good things that happened in this dreadful week, another thing that I thought was cute was on Saturday, Bryan was working on his brakes and the whole time he let Alex tag along with his "Handy Manny" tool set and work with him. He planned all along to let Alex be there and I thought it was so cute. I really appreciate a husband who takes the time to be a wonderful father. I know he is not here as much as he wants to be, but we know how much he loves us and that he would be here if it was possible. We look forward to the time that he can give up that second job and just be Dad all afternoon and stuff, but until then, thanks for being a great example of love and sacrifice to our children. I love you! Don't tell Jon, but I think YOU are the Man! lol
I hope everyone has a wonderful day!