Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bball, PInewood Derby and Abscessed Tooth

We are so busy and I never seem to have time to blog but since I am sitting at home instead of at church because of little Alex (more on that in a bit) I am doing a small post.

Baseball season has started. Its official, we will never be home until the end of May. Jonathan did not make the baseball team at Red Mtn but he did make the JV Volleyball team so he is gone just as much anyways. He is also an assistant coach to Connor's team and an Umpire this year mainly to the Junior division. Kaitlyn is playing in Major's but her season doesn't officially kick off for a week or two so I will get her pics up soon. Anyway, here is Connor in his first game. He is a pretty good pitcher especially with the advice of his big bro.

We had our pack Pinewood Derby on Friday night and I forgot to charge my camera battery!! This is one of the only pictures I got before the battery died!! I was sooo stressed out from this event I never thought about the darn camera!! At least the Mursets took a couple pictures of Connor for me. (Thx Mursets!!) Anyway, despite some very stressful situations, I think it came off pretty good. The boys seemed happy and that was my goal. The biggest thing was my kid didn't win but he was proud of himself and had a great time. Good enough for me!
This is Connor and his friend Scott. I am so glad they have each other in Webelos!
We finally got around to taking pictures of the car!! Connor, sorry your mom is a slacker!! Love you tho!! :) This was totally his design and he painted, sanded and decorated it himself. I am so proud of his hard work! "The Blade" is really cool!!
On Saturday morning, the kids all went to their Primary activity day. They loved it and came home so happy. Then Alex was playing outside with his cousin and he came in and climbed on my lap. I thought he felt warm but figured he was just hot from playing hard and sent him on his way. He then climbed on Bryan's lap and Bryan became concerned and asked me about his swollen mouth. I said I know he has a sore tooth and he already has a date with the dentist to get it fixed in a few weeks. I was doing homework and was only focused on that (Me feeling guilty now!!). Bry asked me again and finally told me to stop with the homework and look at the poor kid. (Really guilty now!) I could now see clearly there was something wrong with my little man. He had swollen up in a short amount of time and was running a fever. Poor kid has an abscessed tooth. It is swollen pretty good. It is not that clear in this picture but he is in a lot of pain and can't eat or talk very easily. He is on an antibiotic and it should clear up fine. Poor chipmunk cheek! It is his right cheek.

He wanted to smile for the camera. This is his biggest smile he could give. Cute kid!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Remind me never to complain about laundry again!

I should really know better! lol If you complain about something, surely that problem will get worse, right? I started on my laundry mountain yesterday and got about 5 loads in when my dryer goes out. The belt broke. Hopefully it is something Bryan can fix fairly easily. Anyway, I was going to put the wet clothes into the dryer but the ones in the dryer were still wet. I was a bit confused as to why but restarted it anyways. Yeah, that didn't work out so well! lol So now I had two loads of wet laundry! Bryan suggested I peek out my window and see if my neighbors bedroom light was still on (we didn't want to wake them because it was 10:30!) it was, so I called them and they graciously let me use their dryer. It's so nice having next door neighbors who will bail you out in almost any way, from the needed egg, babysitter and now a dryer! lol

At least I got some clothes washed so we should be fine for a few days! Now I am crossing my fingers the washer will continue to hold up!

Friday, March 5, 2010


I am sooo buried! With homework, cubscouts and laundry! I am beginning to wonder if I will ever see the light of day! I have been furiously studying all week for my midterm which I will take tomorrow and I am already stresing about the pinewood derby I get to run. Yay! Fun! Exciting! Thrilling! Or maybe just exhausting and overwhelming, so far its exhausting and overwhelming! And I have more laundry than I know what to do with. We all have so many clothes that need to go to DI and so many clothes that don't fit or arent that cute and I just need to get rid of them. I am thinking of taking it all to the laundromat and sorting it there. I must have 30 loads of laundry to go through. Enough clothes for about 3 families my size!

Anyway, I got distracted and am finishing this post. I am done with my midterm but woke up sick this morning and had to go do my test while I was sick. Upset stomach and cramping and such. Not fun when I am in a room full of people for over 2 hours!! Anyway, so relieved the test is over! I didn't get the best grade but it is good enough! Now I have to write an essay on Confucianism. Surprisingly, there are some really good philosophies in confucianism.

I think I will try to tackle the laundry problem next week. Or maybe the one after that or after that! :P