Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Latest!

I haven't blogged in a long time, I am not sure if I don't feel like I have anything anyone cares to hear about or if I am so busy that I don't make the time to do it. With my kids having a day off, I am taking the morning off from studying and so I am updating my blog. Here goes:

I have a confession to make. I am a horrible mother! I totally screwed up on Halloween this year! With football, homecoming, school and everything else I never took pictures of all the kids together! We had three trunk or treats we went to, but not one where the whole family was together. Not even one! That was really frustrating to me this year. Which is why I don't have any pictures of all the kids together, but it still bothers me. And then with Halloween actually being on a Sunday, we were so done by the time it actually came around that we had some friends over for dinner and my kids didn't want to dress up again so the only time I had them all together, no one was dressed up! Oh, well. They all had a good time anyway.

This picture is taken before our ward's trunk or treat. Connor was at football practice with Bryan and Jonathan was at a Best Buddies Halloween event so it was just me and these cuties! Kate is Dr. Dufenschmirtz (however you spell that one!!) from Phineas and Ferb, Jenna is a cupcake and Alex is Darth Vader!This is during the school's costume parade. This is the last year that Jenna can do the parade. She is so cute!!
I was getting really worried when Alex's class went by because I couldn't find him at first. Turns out, he was so excited that he went ahead of his teachers and was way in front. This is NOTHING like Alex at school. He is such a shy and quiet boy that I was afraid that he got too scared to even go out in the parade! So I quickly went to the other side where the parade came back around and this is the kid I saw!
He is smiling and High Fiving every kid that walked by! It was adorable! He was so disappointed when the parade ended. I have never seen Alex like this out in public!
Happy Alex=Happy Mom!!

This is where Bryan has been spending all of his time during the week when he is not at work. Because they made the playoffs, practices are now three nights a week so Bryan is never home. He feels strongly that Connor needs him at practice so he goes to every practice and stays the whole time. This has made a huge difference in Connor. I have seen that boy grow into a confident and happy young man. I am so grateful for my husband's sacrifice and example. Connor has confided in me how much it means to him that his dad would do this for him. He is using his dad as his essay he is writing for school as his hero. When I told Bryan that, his face lit up and he knew that his time was well spent.
Anyway, Connor is playing on the Gunslinger's football team and they are doing Awesome! They are now the State Champions!! That has never happened for a Superstition Pop Warner football team before so his team has made history! Yay, Gunslingers! Because of their good record, they were in the Level 2 division which means they continue beyond the State playoff level where other teams will stop at State. So last weekend, they played in a game verses a team from California. This is all in an effort to go to the Pop Warner version of the Superbowl. It is crazy to me that they do this on this level! These kids are 9-11!!! Anyway, in a nail biter of a game, the Gunslinger's won and so now we are off to San Diego this weekend to play in the next round. If we win this game, we will come back to the valley and play another California team in Scottsdale next Sunday. If we win that game, then the team will be off to Florida for the superbowl!
I was really hoping we would win State and then lose before we had to go to San Diego. I know that sounds horrible that I would wish my son's team would lose, but I can't afford these trips! Especially with Christmas coming soon and my husband has already used up his vacation days! Florida is a week! A week!! And they only need the team to raise between $35,000 and $45,000. For real!! And that is just for the team to go! If you know my Connor, he may not survive a week without a parent there and I am in school so I can't go.
Anyway, now that we have gotten this far, it is really a once in a lifetime chance that they can do this and I am so amazed at this group of young men so I say, go for it! Win it all and win big! We will figure out the money later! How many teams get to go to Florida? Not to many that I have ever heard of!
This is Connor doing a pregame drill, he is #72

He is hard to see, but he is in the middle, left
State Champs!!

Connor and his hero, or better known as Dad!

My little Studdmuffin! lol
This past weekend, I went to a wedding in Salt Lake City with my mom and sisters and Jonathan. I loved taking Jon to temple square for the first time. He is such a great kid and it was great feeling of his love of the Savior and his amazing Spirit. He has been wanting to go to BYU after his mission and I have been trying to convince him that it would be cheaper to stay home and go to ASU for his pre-Med. I confess, I just don't want to let him go! After spending time with him up there, we drove through the BYU campus and I guess I got a little spiritual kick in the behind that I needed to let him go if that's what he wants. Why do we have to let them grow up! He will be leaving on his mission in less than 2 years. I am not ready! But, Kate really wants to go to BYU also and if we are lucky and they both get in they would be going at the same time! It's just so far away!!! AHHH! Not my daughter too! lol

Jon, me, my mom, sister JoAnn, sister Jenny, niece Kelsey

My future missionary. So many people were asking him how long he had been home from his mission! Poor kid needs to stop looking so mature, everyone thinks he is an RM at 17! lol