Saturday, February 20, 2010

Self diagnosing is a bad idea!

My dad is out of the hospital and hopefully doing ok but they never found out where the bleeding came from. My parents left the hospital before finding out exactly what was causing the problem. My parents think they can take care of it themselves and that they are qualified to treat him with their own methods. These methods are usually found by watching Oprah or 20/20 or something else and applying only those aspects they feel will fit into their little box. So, my dad is not "fixed" and I am worried when the meds wear off that have stopped the bleeding that it will start all over again. While I think it is good to be aware and question what the doctors say, self diagnosing and treating is a BAD idea! My parents thought my dad was having a heart attack and gave him aspirin and used a nitroglycerin patch obtained through Mexico and it almost killed him. With his internal bleeding, the aspirin thinned his blood and the nitro patch dilated his arteries which made the bleeding worse. But, even though the doctor told my parents this, they still think what they did was the right course of action. My siblings and I are afraid we will be planning a funeral in the next few months because of their stubbornness.

ARRGH! Frustrating!

Anyway, onto something else, Jonathan did not make the baseball team this year and it was very upsetting how it was handled. The coach gave all of the kids an evaluation and it was really harsh. I think it was mean and insulting to the kids who did not make the team. What is to be gained by telling them they don't deserve any more of the coaches efforts or whatever. All that needed to be said was that their skills are not as good as this level or something to that effect. The evaluations to all of the kids were very critical and even demeaning. It makes me angry to have a respected coach be cruel! Jonathan already thought he probably would not make the team and was ok with it, but what was hard for him was the way it was done.

Anyway, he was given a letter saying he did not make the team and had to decide that night if he wanted to try out for volleyball, track or enroll in regular PE. If the choice was not made by the next day, an unexcused absence would be given. So little time and again, so rudely said. He had thought about going out for volleyball but after the harsh review, was concerned about putting himself out there again, especially because he doesn't know how to play volleyball. I convinced him to try because the worst thing that would happen is to end up in PE anyway. We bought a volleyball and I tried to teach him how to serve and block and bump, etc. He went to practice on Friday and then tryouts were the next Tuesday, after the school break. He gave it his best shot and when the team was chosen, the coaches told him he was the most improved kid in 4 days of playing they have seen and he made the JV team! He was so excited and feels that this is a better environment than the foul mouthed, disrespectful kids on the bball team so I am happy for him.

Anyway, that's been our past few days!

Oh, some of you wanted my recipe for the avocado salsa from the Progressive dinner (Sooo much fun!!) so I will post it on our recipe blog my sil started a little while ago. There is a link on my blog page to it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Your prayers are needed...

for my Dad. He is in the ICU right now. He has bleeding internally, they think in his stomach and he has lost over half his total blood volume. They are giving him a blood transfusion right now and will do some exploring to find out where the bleeding is coming from tomorrow. I spent the evening with him and can only hope and pray he will pull through. I am optimistic because he was happy and laughing. We did have a great nurse, in fact we were in the same ward for a long time. Good old 60th ward. I went to school with his wife Kristen Roberts, niece of AnneMarie Roberts. That was so comforting to know someone, he was really helpful and let us sneak in my sister in the room. He was answering all of our questions and explained everything with patience. I appreciate his respect to our family. Anyway, I am hopeful that the tests tomorrow will show ulcers in his stomach that they can hopefully repair easily enough rather than something much worse.

With all of this going on, I have been able to reflect on how important my dad is to me. He has always made me feel like his favorite daughter, even his favorite child. I know he has made all of us feel like that so I think he has done a great job! We have so much in common that there is always something fun to talk about. He is kind, gracious, generous, funny, sweet, strong and humble. He is an important part of my life. I usually talk to him on the phone at least once a day and the thought of losing him is unthinkable!

I love you, Dad! Get well, soon!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Catch up, again!

So much has been going on and I am so far behind on my blogging so here is a massive post to catch everyone up to date! I meant to put all of these pictures in reverse order but it didn't happen that way, blogger gets me too frustrated if I try too hard! So here it all is:

First is Jonathan's ceremony with Andrea's Closet. This is the organization that he did his eagle project with, they collect toys for children who are in the hospital and are having painful procedures. When they are finished, they get to choose a toy. Andrea's closet was founded by Andrea's parents after she passed away from leukemia when she was very young. She was able to endure the procedures if she had something to look forward to. After she passed away, her mother kept buying toys for Andrea and eventually gave them to a hospital and the idea took off from there. It is a really sweet story, they are such good people! Jonathan held a toy drive for Andrea's closet and built a mobile cart for the new Phoenix Children's Hospital West Valley Clinic. He decided to do this for his project because our Alex was hospitalized with pneumonia two years ago and they had to do a procedure on him and he was able to go to Andrea's closet at Banner Desert and loved it. We still have his toy tractor he picked out.

Anyway, there was a ceremony in January to formally give the cart to PCH West and Jonathan was invited along with any supporters that wanted to come. Here are the final pictures of his project, cart and his "posse"! Group shot! The Jeff and Mandy Smith family, Tyrel, Bryan, Connor I, Landon B, Mitch, Jonathan, Connor, Landon S, Eva, Kaitlyn, and Andrea's dad. The Smithsons came as well, but missed the group shot.

This picture of Landon and Connor is cute, but the picture in the back is awesome! It is made entirely of marbles.

Jonathan and his "posse" Mitch, Landon, Tyrell and Connor.
All of the people who helped at the toy drive that were also at the ceremony.

This little girl was very sick and was the first patient to come in and pick out of the closet. It was very sweet to see her choose very carefully. Jonathan loved seeing someone use something that he put so much effort into making. She was so cute but a bit overwhelmed by all of us with cameras and such!

This is Jonathan with Grandma Hooper and Andrea's grandparents.

Kaitlyn was chosen to become a member of the National Elementary Honor Society last month. She was only one of 4 sixth graders at her school to be chosen. The rest of these kids are in fifth grade. Not sure why there are so many more fifth than sixth, but oh well! In order to be in the society, you must be nominated by a teacher, have minimum of 3.5 gpa for 2 years and go through a selection process. She had to fill out papers with her qualifications and service opportunities. I am grateful for the church's youth programs that have helped to give her service projects and such that she had a few things to put down there. Being in the NEHS will improve her chances of being accepted into NJHS and NHS for junior and high schools. I am so proud of her! She has done awesome this year!!
Kaitlyn is on the far left.

Kaitlyn and Mr. Schiro, one of the programs sponsoring teachers.

Kaitlyn and her teacher, Ms. Galbreath (love her!!)

Kaitlyn also participated in the Kids Rock marathon again this year. Her and Connor both logged over 25 miles over the past few months and she was able to participate in the 1 mile fun run during the PF Changs Rock n Roll marathon in Tempe. She had a blast and was able to run with her friend Drew.
Jenna, Kaitlyn, Drew
The start!

Right before the finish line

Connor has been hard at work in January getting ready for the invention convention. He decided to make a solar powered skateboard. This was his idea entirely and we just helped him with some construction. He did the signs and put it all together. He actually had a working solar cell installed on his skateboard that could turn the wheels. It was a pretty great idea!

His cousin, Layna is in his class and I thought her idea was great. A machine that would make all our clothes and costs only $250! Sounds like a bargain to me!
Right after this, Connor turned 10. Happy Birthday to a wonderful son! He is funny, sooo smart, silly, sweet, and talented. He plays the cello and the teacher is amazed at his quick pick up of it. He is doing great. He is also a wonderful pitcher in baseball. He is hoping to be a starting pitcher this year! We love you Connor!!!
Luv this kid!

Alex was doing a project at school where he had to take a picture of him with Bobo the class teddy bear. I thought the picture was so cute I had to post it!
Other happenings, I have been released as the Primary Chorister and am now the Cubmaster. Hopefully it will be fun and something I can handle.
School is kicking my butt, but doesn't it always? I am looking forward to May 1. Then it's over! At least until fall! lol
Anyways, I have spent way too much time on this and now have to go learn about blood vessels and the Eightfold Path of Buddism. Interesting combination, I know! Cya!