Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Little Princess and other not so late night goodies!

It has been really hard for me to want to blog because I haven't felt like there is anything to say that is positive. Now I realize that sounds really melodramatic, but the truth hurts. Sometimes a lot. However, right now I am feeling pretty good and wanted to post some fun that our family had. On Friday night I went to the store while Bryan was doing his Domino's shift. While there I found my favorite version of "A Little Princess" on DVD for a great price! Woo hoo! $7.50 for it and "The Secret Garden" combo. While The Secret Garden is cute, I looove A Little Princess.

Such a fun movie! Anyway, I come back from the store and intend to watch is with my girls and was pleasantly surprised when my boys (Jonathan included) wanted to watch it with us. We had such a great time! We were laughing so hard (esp. when Becky screams in an effort to distract the evil Ms. Minchin!!). It was so fun to be together and laugh! I also cried during this movie. I always cry during this movie! How can you not!?! Little Sarah is such a great actress and is so believable, that it is so much fun to let this movie take you to another time and place. My kids were kinda shocked to see that Becky, as a servant, would not be allowed to talk to the other girls. They never thought people would treat someone that way. We have come a long way in equality, that's for sure! Anyway- if you have seen this movie, then you know why I love it and if not, go get it and watch it with your family!

Another funny bit, last night we started to watch the 2 hr season premier of Bones and the kids (not including Jon) started watching The Secret Garden. We started them abt 8:30pm and by 9:00 Alex was sound asleep. By 9:15 or so I was fighting sleep and missed most of the show. By 9:30 the rest of the kids were asleep and Jon followed by about 10. Bryan thought this was pretty funny and just let us all sleep where we had fallen till about 10:45 when he woke us all up and sent us all off to bed! Kinda funny that he had to wake up everyone and get us off to bed! Anyone who knows me pretty well will not be to surprised by that! I am so not a late owl! It had been such a busy day! Primary activity in the morning (Rocket balloons like crazy in my portion of the activity!) and then Connor's bday in the afternoon. They were both really fun and I will have to post pics and details of the party later. My fingers hurt! Have a good one!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Biggest Loser!!

Ok, I went out today and made a committment. I bought the Biggest Loser Workout DVD. I bought both the boot camp and the fat burning yoga DVD. Now you must understand the lenghts I went to get these. I wanted to start today, so I took the boys I babysit to the library, and that is an adventure in itself, and then we stopped at Target on the way home. I had 2 boys in the front seats and 2 boys in the actual cart and we shopped for workout DVDs. They were really good, the only hard part was that Hayden wanted to sit in one of the seats and I had already put Ashton and Alex in them. So he was sad for a few minutes. Anyway, they were rewarded with Sour Patch Kids and I was rewarded with a workout during naptime!

I started with the yoga workout. I didn't think it would be very intense and since this was my first workout in many months, that is what I was going for. Yeah right!! This kicked my butt! It gives you the option of 5 levels. First is the warmup, then level 1, level 2, level 3 and a cooldown. And I only chose the warmup, lvl 1, and a cooldown. I really enjoyed it, but I still had to cheat on several moves. But afterward, I felt energized and like I had really used my whole body. Honestly, this was the best I had felt in a long time!! So, tomorrow I am gonna try the boot camp version. As intense as the yoga one was, I am worried the boot camp one will kick my butt and leave me feeling wiped out. I will let you know!

I took my measurements and weighed myself before I started (NO! I am not posting these numbers!!) and will track my progress weekly and will hopefully see some shrinkage!! I am going to see if I can get Bryan to do these videos and /or walking in the evenings. We both need to shrink in order to stick around to run with our grandkids one day! That and I am tired of wearing my fat pants. I want to fit in my skinny jeans! Anyway, wish me luck!! I will keep you all posted! If anyone wants to join me, let me know. I would love a partner in all this!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Grandmas and Air Hockey

Last night my mom brought dinner over to our house. It was so nice because we don't get home from church until abt 6:15 or so and to have dinner already made and the mess at someone else's house was even better! She brought my grandma over also, my dad had to go to a meeting, so it was just my family and my mom and grandma. We had a great time and then the kids started playing air hockey with my mom. Kaitlyn easily beat her but then my grandma wanted to play. There was something so funny and cute about watching your 87 year old, sweet grandma paly that game! We also played Skipbo, which is one of my grandma's favorite games. She was ruthless! It was so funny!! Bryan's turn was after hers and it was hilarious cause she would not cut him any slack! She said she doesn't take prisoners in Skipbo! Now, if you new my gentle and sweet grandma, you would see how funny this was! It kept frustrating Bryan cause she would intentionally prevent his moves over and over! Anyway, it was a fun night!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Post-holiday blues, or lack thereof!

Usually at this time of year I start to get a little depressed. All the fun is over and we have to go back to "real life". So far, I am not bummed out at all! I have been working hard these last few days just cleaning and organizing and such. We took a huge load to DI and I cleaned out the girls room and got all the Christmas stuff put away. That usually leaves me feeling a bit depressed. But, I am just enjoying the clean feeling. There is not a whole lot to look forward to when the holidays are over. Maybe we have had so much fun the last week that it hasn't started to sink in yet. We have had lots of game/movie nights and even a snowball fight (thx Smithson clan!)! It has been a lot of fun and tomorrow the routine will set in again. I guess I am ready to get back to normal cause that is not causing me to want to cry! Yeah for that! Bryan, on the other hand, is so not looking forward to going back to work. Sorry, babe! At least my work keeps me in my own home and while I may be completely surrounded by kids all of the time, I actually enjoy them all. I am lucky there!

I am also enjoying our new surround sound home entertainment system. We have had a lot of things break on us in the last week. Our computer and/or monitor went out and out old dvd/sound system went out. So we used our Christmas gift from Bryan's dad and bought a new one. This one we actually set up as surround and it sounds awesome! It has an ipod dock attached and so I can crank up my music as I am cleaning the house. Love that! You can hear it through the whole house. Which is sometimes good and sometimes not! Anyway, it has been fun playing with a new toy. We haven't had many new things for a while so we are having fun with it!

Anyway, here is to everyone being able to get past the post holiday blues and on with life!