Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Big C for VP!!

Connor had been debating whether or not he wanted to run for vice president of his school or not and we have been so busy with baseball that the deadlines almost came and went. So, Easter Sunday we quickly signed the consent forms and tried to come up with a slogan. We brainstormed and came up with "The Big C for VP!" We then had 24 hours to come up with posters, stickers, a speech and basically a whole campaign. Well, he did it! I am so proud of him! This is him in the shirt his dad made for him right before he gave his speech at school. He ran against 6 or 7 other kids this year, some of them are some pretty good friends of his: Chloe Smith, who beat him out for Treasurer last year, and McKenna Montes, another fun girl who used to be in our ward. He had some pretty stiff competition and he is really excited to have won! Kaitlyn was also the Vice President of the school last year so maybe we will have to stick with the VP's job, seems to work for the Hooper clan! lol