Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy 12th Birthday, Kaitlyn!

Happy 12th Birthday to a wonderful, sweet girl! I am so glad Kaitlyn is a part of our family, she brings light and laughter, sweetness and thoughtfulness, silliness and goodness to our home. We are a better family because she is in it. She is a good example for her brothers and sister and is becoming a great babysitter. We love you Kate and hope your day is AWESOME!! :D!!

These pictures are Kate on her birthdays starting at age 4 (when we got our first digital camera) the previous years are still in a box somewhere!!). She always has that fabulous smile! 5
6 (Lucky girl got to spend this birthday at Disneyland, purely by coincidence!)
9-and first year with glasses, I think they make her look cuter and smarter!!
11- This is a group shot from last year's pajama themed birthday party. First the smiley face, then the silly face.

Kate and her best friend, Jolie
Happy Birthday to a wonderful daughter, we love you so much!!


Katie said...

Happy Birthday to Kaitlyn! Hope it is a wonderful day!!
ps--thank you for having Scott over, he had a great time!

Richard said...

I tottally agree with what Michelle has said about you Kate. You are a wonderful person and a great friend to Jolie! Thank You!