Friday, June 25, 2010

Another new house

It's official, I am sick of moving! We gave this house our best efforts and it still did not work out. I do not know why but it must not have been meant to be. It's ok, we will be fine. It has been such a hard couple of months dealing with it all but I feel a tremendous amount of relief that we are going to move again. I can't stand to stay in this house much longer. It is making me sick on a daily basis, constant migraines and stomach cramps. Ugg! So ready to move on from this!

I really felt like we were supposed to be here in this house, I felt like everything led us to it. So I am confused and frustrated and even a little angry at times that we gave it everything we had and still nothing we did worked! There were times when I was going on faith alone and still felt like we were supposed to be here. But then there comes a time when you know you are just done and it's time to give up. So, that's where we are. Done.

We were approved for another house tonight and will be signing papers on it tomorrow. It is not as nice as this house but it is clean! No kitty litter box smell! It doesn't have the best floor plan but it is large and affordable. It is right around the corner from the park and keeps my kids in the schools where they want to be. It is also in the Red Mountain ward and we already know a lot of good people in that ward so at least we won't be going in there as strangers. And I will probably be keeping my job as Cubmaster, for better or for worse! lol

So, we move on from here and I have to say I am not looking forward to the work involved with moving but I am looking forward to being in the other house. I am also happy that even during this awful time, when things have been so hard, I know that things must be happening for a reason. Even if I don't understand what those reasons might be. I have enough faith to trust the Lord's plan and keep going.

I will really miss the Preston ward. The people in it were so kind and good to us. We feel like we belong and I will miss that feeling always!!


music lady said...

I thought the newer place was very nice. You sure know how to make it feel like your home with all your decorations.
It's been rather rough on all of you these past few months, but this too will be a choice blessing, just wait and see.

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