Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nursing School

As many of you know, I have been working on getting into Nursing school for a very long time! Years in fact! There are so many prerequisites that have to be done before you can even apply for the program. These are English 101, some math, reading, Biology, Anatomy 201, Chemistry, Psychology and probably something else I am forgetting! I have been slowly taking these over the years. My plan all along was to wait until all the kids were in school and then start taking classes my self. When things got rough a couple of years ago, I knew I couldn't go slow anymore.

I already have all of my prereq's out of the now and have been taking my coreq's. These are classes that you can take once you have submitted your nursing application and you are on the waiting list. These used to be prereq's and now they are coreq's. I didn't realize that until I had taken most of them as well! Those are the other half of Anatomy 202, more English, another Biology and now Microbiology. Microbiology is my last coreq and I am signed up to take it in the fall.

Since I have all my prereq's out of the way and we are now settled into our house, I am finally getting around to putting in my application for the Nursing program. I was fingerprinted yesterday. That was a slightly strange experience. I had to pay someone to take my prints and then pay DPS to tell me that I am not a criminal. Ok, that part actually will take about 4-6 weeks. That is the main thing holding my up, and my transcripts, and my Hesi 2 test. Ok, so I am almost ready!! I had to go to Mountain View to order those transcripts. That felt so weird! I really hated high school and I sooo don't miss it. It made me feel sorry my son because I remember how difficult it was for me in school. It is hard to get good grades and make positive choices while surrounded by such garbage everyday. I don't think there was ever a time in my life I felt so alone as in high school! I think that is part of the reason why my husband and I found each other so early. We needed each other. Oh well, that is another post for another day!! lol

Anyway, I also have to take a Hesi 2 test to prove basic math, English and reading skills. This test takes 4 hours!! AHHH! Yuck! Other than the time, I am not too worried about it. I will start studying for it next week and take it the week after that. Once that is done, then as soon as I get my fingerprint clearance card back I can apply for the Nursing program and then just wait! and wait! And take Microbiology this semester.

I am excited and nervous about it this semester because it is actually in a classroom instead of online like the rest of the classes I have taken. I am worried about how the labs will be conducted. I have always used a virtual microscope for my labwork. Yeah, I don't think a virtual microscope will be quite the same!! So I am a little nervous about being on my fourth Biology class and having no idea how to actually use a real microscope!! haha, I am going to look like a total idiot!!

I am also nervous to go to a classroom because I am worried I will be in a room with a bunch of teenagers. I am almost old enough to be their mother. Almost being the key word! I know that there will probably be people my age in there, but I am still nervous about it. I don't want to be the only old lady there!

This will be a strange year for me, I am excited at the opportunities for my education but this is the first year that all of my kids will be in school full time. I am not sure I like that. It seems like one step closer to losing them all!! Alex will be in all day kindergarten and he is so little still. He will turn 5 only 3 days after school starts so I am worried about how he will do. And Jonathan is a junior this year, soon he will be graduated and off on a mission. I will miss him like crazy. And Kaitlyn is in junior high this year, it's all freaking me out how old my kids are getting! Tell them to stop!!! :)


Kim said...

I'm glad I have a friend in the same boat as me! Darrin was at football camp for a week and the whole time I thought, I am not looking forward to him being gone all the time! I missed him like crazy and it was only 6 days, so not looking forward to my kids growing up and leaving. Good luck with school, you'll do great!

Marilyn said...

So proud of you and your willingness to go back to school and obtain a career. Now that I have been retired for 4 years, I am ready to go back to work part time, but I am picky about who I work for and when. I guess that means that I won't be working anytime soon!

Richard said...

I can totally agree with the thought that the kids are growing up tooo darn fast! Mine just turned 21! Dang it! I am happy for you and your determination with your nursing degree. dont worry you will do great!! We are cheering you on!!

KJ said...

You always amaze me! Hope you are well.

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