Thursday, July 15, 2010

My New Motto

I have decided I need a new motto in my life. It actually came from Bryan. He is a very smart and supportive man. I will keep him! ;p I have often struggled in my life when I have challenges and think I can hang on and be strong until it is over and I will enjoy my life when this current problem is over. Well, as my wise husband has pointed out, as soon as one problem is gone, there will be a new one to pop in and take its place. He quoted me this out of the scriptures, now it isn't the most profound scripture to most people, but it was to me: "And it came to pass..." and then he adds and not stay! That is what I have to remember. I will always have challenges and some of them will seem so big that I will wonder how I will ever get through them. But I always do. The real challenge in it all is to try to find happiness and peace for myself in the middle of it all and to share the feelings of peace and love with my husband and children. So that they feel loved and secure even during the most insecure times of our lives, which just so happens to be these last few months!

I have been working on this and usually fail miserably, but I am trying. Last night we were reading in 1 Nephi 15:5 and Nephi was talking about being overcome because of his afflictions and that he considered his afflictions great above all. I have felt like that these last few months myself. With moving twice in the last two months and then as soon as we move again it seems that everything that can go wrong, did go wrong. My car stopped working, the hot water heater here short circuits over and over, leaky faucets, broken dryer and I have to rewash every piece of clothing and bedding, etc that we own! I had been getting so frustrated and felt very discouraged! Most of these things have been resolved already and I am feeling fine but when I read the last half of verse 5 and Nephi goes on to say that he considers his afflictions to be great above all others because he has watched his people be destroyed, that was able to put things into perspective! I am not going through anything as difficult or dramatic as Nephi although they may feel very hard for me at times. But it did remind me again that all of these problems by themselves aren't that big and that they will all pass. Plus, it reminded me again what a smart, awesome hubby I have!!

So, It came to pass...and not stay!! :)


Katie said...

I like the new motto! It is one that I have learned over the years as well. I'm glad that things are settling down for your family. We are so sad you had to change wards, but know it will be a good experience for all of you.

music lady said...
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Richard said...

I too like the motto. You should frame it or something because it is that good. Glad to hear that the new house is doing better!!

music lady said...

I guess that is why Oma always said, "This too shall pass!" with the biggest grin and knowing eyes.

I feel we really need to go through our life experiences and find the good. It may be hard at times to keep in good spirits when we are in the middle of mud, we cannot seem to find the peace, but when I get the most desperate I can always find someone with another situation that may even be worse off than mine and then I turn around realize how blessed I really am. But the thing that always keeps me going is knowing that Heavenly Father loves us and he is there if we ask. Sometimes the reassurance and love from Heavenly Father does not come as a big miracle or big vision or big change but the silent warm feeling in the heart that "all is well" is just ignore because of the pain of the situation. Do know that "It came to a good motto! I love it!

Marilyn said...

Yeah, sometimes a brick needs to fall on my head to get what the scriptures are trying to tell me! I think we know that trials will come and go, but at the time, you just want them to go and stay away!!